DHA: Your Weapon for Your Child’s IQ and Mass Nutrition*

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Krill oil for kids contains DHA that may positively influence your child's IQ and overall health.*There is much buzz about docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in krill oil and other supplements for your child, because of how it can greatly promote his intelligence and help steer him to greatness.* But what is DHA?

DHA is a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid. About half of the brain and eyes are made up of fat, much of which is DHA, making it an essential nutrient for optimal brain and eye function,* says natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola.

DHA is naturally found in breast milk. Scientific research suggests that breast-fed infants score higher on intellectual and visual measurements than those fed baby formulas lacking DHA. As a group, those who were breast-fed have higher IQ scores than formula-fed babies. Maternal supplementation with DHA during pregnancy and lactation has also been shown to promote children’s intelligence.

DHA is crucial not only for the first year, but also throughout your child’s life.

“Most of your brain’s dry weight is lipid (fat). Brain activity depends greatly upon the functions provided by its outer, fatty waxy membrane to act as an electrical nerve-conduction cable. Compared to other body tissues, the DHA content of the brain is very high, so it stands to reason that your need for DHA remains high throughout life,” explains Dr. Mercola.

Here are some of the bodily functions that DHA helps promote in your child:

• Strong cognitive function (through support of optimal neuron function)*
• Ability to concentrate and focus*
• Muscle function and coordination*
• Normal social development*
• Appropriate behavior*
• Increased visual acuity*
• Positive mental health outlook*

Muscle control may not seem important outside of sports, but did you know that it’s a crucial part of the process of coordinated writing?* It’s also an integral part of sitting still during many learning activities without fidgeting, flailing around, kicking, and more.*

Krill Oil for Kids is considered a good source of DHA, especially with a new study saying that it works better than fish oil even with lower doses of EPA and DHA. The omega-3 fats are in triglyceride form in fish oil, while they are in phospholipid form in krill oil.

According to the study:

“A total of 113 participants … were randomized into three groups. Thirty-six were given 6 capsules of 3g krill oil a day, with 543 mg of EHA and DHA; 40 were given 3 capsules of 1.8g fish oil a day, with 864 mg of EPA and DHA … The remaining 37 received no supplementation … [T]here was a significant increase in plasma EPA, DHA, and DPA in both the krill oil and fish oil groups … and no significant differences were seen between the fish oil and the krill oil groups. The EPA + DHA dose in the krill was 62.8 % of that in the fish oil.” (Link)

Dr. Mercola asserts that krill oil is a “pollution-free, eco-friendly, and a highly sustainable food source” that serves as your best insurance for a healthy and smart child.*

Keep posted for more news on krill oil and optimal health for your child.

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